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Natural mineral water Mangiatorella

Pack of 6 bottles of 2 liters

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Immersed in the fantastic scenery of the Calabrian Serre, near Stilo, a popular town steeped in history, in the province of Reggio Calabria, the source of water Mangiatorella born at 1200 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Monte Pecoraro, in a picturesque setting where nature has preserved its original state of purity.  
The place seems almost surreal: a corner forgotten by the frenetic modernity, no noise except the wind and water.  
The catchment basin is located in an area of hundreds of hectares absolutely pristine. The nearest town is over 15 Km  
Destination for over a century by several admirers who derive benefits directly from water and dense woods that surround the source trees, the mountains that provide water Mangiatorella consist of crystalline rocks and granites properly.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Technical Informations

The characteristics of Water Mangiatorella - chemical and microbiological analysis performed on March 10, 2009 by the University of Messina:

Proprietà valore
Temperatura alla sorgente 8,9°C
pH 6,07
Residuo fisso a 180°C 68,4 mg/l
Cond. elettrica a 20°C 88 µS/cm
Durezza Totale 2,2°F
Ammoniaca e Nitriti assenti
Bicarbonati 28,9 mg/l
Anidride Carbonica Libera 19,1 mg/l
Ioni presenti in un litro d'acqua
Sodio 9,8 mg/l
Magnesio 1,5 mg/l
Solfato 4,5 mg/l
Calcio 6,4 mg/l
Cloruro 11,3 mg/l
Potassio 0,8 mg/l
Nitrato 0,11 mg/l
Fluoro 0,08 mg/l

The Mangiatorella water is microbiologically pure

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