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Typical Italian Products

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Moretti Beer

Moretti is a typical italian beer bottom-fermented golden color with an alcohol content of 4.6%. Pack of 3 bottles of 33 cl.
Moretti Beer is available for purchase in increments of 8

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Birra Moretti is a genuine beer made still following the traditional rules, the result of a production process  that has  remained almos t unchanged since 1859.  For the production of Moretti beer, guaranteed raw materials  are used and a special blend of hops that give it a rich aroma and a unique  scent, enhancing the tone  of  bitterness. It  is a fermented beer with a golden color, hue that  is   conferred  by the  quality malt used in its recipe. The alcohol content is 4.6% alcohol content  which makes it suitable for any time of the day. It is not  indeed a challenging beer and is therefore suitable to accompany your lunch, and dinner, as an evening with friends.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Technical Informations

Type of beer                            Lager

Maximum period of storage15 months

Saccarometria Alcohol:           11.3% vol

Alcohol content:                       4.6% by volume

Type of fermentation:             low

Colour: straw Taste:                lightly malted

Temperature:                           3 ° C

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