Typical Italian Products

Typical Italian Products

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: Pizza, Pasta (spaghetti), 'nduja, cipolla di tropea and more...

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: pasta is good, pizza is good, this says the world. (fusilli, maccheroni, spaghetti).

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pancetta, salame, mortadella, soppressata, prosciutto.
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Pasta Barilla Rigatoni

Italian pasta
Pasta Barilla Rigatoni is available for purchase in increments of 30

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If the origin of the maccheroni is lost in the mists of time, Rigatoni, and those are among the largest, born in Rome and belonging to Italian tradition.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Technical Informations

Characterized by rifling on the outer surface and the diameter important, Rigatoni, thanks to these features, are present on every board in many recipes simple or more elaborate, always successful. In fact, they are ideal to hold the sauce over the entire surface, interior and exterior, bringing back every nuance in a harmonious symphony of flavors


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Short pasta
Durum wheat pasta
Tempo di Cottura

11 min

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